Matthew Kenney Cuisine is an integrated, California-based lifestyle company. The brand provides innovative, high-quality products and services in the culinary art and wellness markets through its six business segments: hospitality, education, media, products, wellness and services. We currently operate in 5 continents throughout more than 22 major cities internationally.  

The foundation of our work is based on proprietary techniques and creative thinking applied to prepare minimally processed, plant-based cuisine that is both refined and healthful. When it comes to what we eat, we see things differently than others. Aligned with a world rapidly embracing the need for a healthier diet and an increase in plant-based food consumption, we are crafting the future of food.


Sebastian Brecht, also a graduate of the French Culinary Institute of New York, began his career in pastry; in the words of The New York Times, he stepped out as one of the city's leading pastry chefs. After supplying cakes and pastries for Dean & Deluca, and private gatherings for the likes of Hillary Clinton, Mick Jagger and Bon Jovi, Brecht shifted his focus to the art of making chocolate and, in particular, ganaches.

Brecht's approach to chocolate making is laden with innovation, specifically the use of invert sugar and the two variating processes involved with ganache emulsification. As the grandson to Bertollt Brecht, one of the most prominent theater figures of 20th century New York, as well as a number of other established contributors to the city's art and culture, the theatrical, experimental and imaginative qualities of his deeply rooted heritage have always been expressed through his own artistry: chocolate. 


Through the collaboration of Matthew Kenney Cuisine and Sebastian Brecht, Casse-Cou Chocolaterie is born. Featuring an array of 100% plant-based ganaches, bars, pralines and truffles, Casse-Cou pushes the boundaries of traditional confectionary culture and paves the way for the future of the chocolate market. The artisanal, innovate chocolates are accented with botanical ingredients and bold flavors, and designed to surprise, delight and inspire. Prepare to indulge the senses and embrace the future of chocolate with Casse-Cou.